With effect from 1 May 2016 (actually might be one or two days earlier), we will charge VAT on our supplies of goods and services where VAT is applicable and arrange VAT matters as governed by the relevant rules and regulations issued by the government. Please check out attached for details.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions China is pleased to offer an online e-cargo for document issuance. Our software has been developed to be both intuitive and user friendly, utilising the benefits of e-based applications

The system provides numerous advantages to all parties, including:
• Ease of use.
• Elimination of carbon-set forms.
• Reduced paper handling.
• Large print, error free, easy to read certificates.
• Reports (client &/or insurance) functionality.
• Optional email reporting.
• Claims settling agents integration.
• Free form text input of bankers requirements.
• Allows better control over shipping activities.
• Access via registration.

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